What is a Non Conformance Report?

If you’re looking to know the answer to the question that is, what is a non conformance report, then you’re certainly in the right place.

With every good quality assurance system or any business management system (environment, safety, security etc) there will be some non-conformance reports (NCR) or sometime called a corrective action report or request (CAR).

They are a great tool for highlighting and managing things that aren’t working or could work better within the business management systems. In this blog we detail some tips to think about when addressing a non-conformance;

1) Scope

Be clear on your required outcome for the Corrective Action. A frequent mistake is trying to fix all issues within one Corrective Action Report CAR. If the problem identified requires a full project to address, then perhaps it is better managed as an Objective. Keep the focus on CARs to specific actions.

2) Responsibility

Where possible, clearly identify the person responsible for taking the corrective action proposed in the report. Where there is uncertainty or contention around who that should be, escalate and assign to a more senior person. Where appropriate, the CAR might be reviewed and discussed at Management Review to determine the correct person to take responsibility, if not necessarily the person to take the action itself.

3) Timescales

Set reasonable timelines for completion; in phases if that is appropriate. If there is a necessarily short deadline, make it clear in the report the reasons for this.

4) Chase

Although everybody should be engaged in the CAR Process, there are going to be times that such activities aren’t given suitable priority. Be proactive in following up on actions and offer help where appropriate, however, if there is a persistent culprit, consider raising it as a disciplinary issue. CARs represent a business risk and should be taken seriously.

5) Evidence

Before you Close a CAR, be confident that you can demonstrate that the issue has been addressed. Before signing off, gather any appropriate evidence that you can file. In some cases, it may be appropriate to re-audit to verify that issues have been properly considered and mitigated. Do not be afraid to refuse to close a report until you are assured of the correct outcome.

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