ISO 9001 Support in Kent and how can it help your business

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard, sometimes also referred to as ISO, ISO 9001, QA, Quality Assurance, UKAS etc.

Despite having multiple different names,  it is ultimately the most popular ISO standard and the one that we at QBH tend to provide the most support and advice for.

But why is that?

Well, the clue, I guess, is in the title “Quality”, as it helps businesses to demonstrate that their products and/or services are of quality (quality in this case meaning meeting a set of determined characteristics).

If, for example, your business is providing skilled labour to help install fire alarm or access security systems into a building by being certificated to this standard, your are telling your clients, suppliers and third parties that your business is able to ensure the quality of the work being done. It means that you check your suppliers, you provide the correctly qualified & trained staff, you have met the client requirements and you have a process for identifying and correcting problems (only to name a few areas).

In addition a lot of our clients seek certification to the standard, because a big client or main contractor has asked them to get it to be able to quote for projects or be considered for bigger tenders.  Whatever the reason, there are a lot of positives in getting and maintaining the ISO standard.

Customer Feedback we received
  • It has helped us to see how we operate
  • It has lined everything up
  • I have more control of my business
  • I can see what isn’t (and is) working
  • It has put me ahead of my competitors

Another area that the standard has helped our clients with, is identifying and using clients’ feedback.  Our ISO 9001 Support in Kent Services, help you to seek and monitor customer feedback, which is useful in managing complaints but also great for marketing positive feedback and compliments.  For example a client sends you a lovely piece of feedback, thanking you for going over and above to get the project completed. Usually this might stay in an inbox somewhere but with ISO 9001 it will allow you to identify it, cascade to the teams involved, helping with motivation, it can be added to your website and even in marketing materials.  It could be the reason a client or customer chooses your business.

Customer feedback, and what else?

It is also great for identifying area of “non-compliance or non-conformance”, i.e. areas or processes  within your business that aren’t working. Identifying those before it can negatively impact on the service or product being provided to the customer.  For example you may have introduced a process into your business, ensuring that all works are signed off by the Operations Manager before being handed back to the client. The NCR (Non Conformance Report) process will help you identify if the correct process is being followed, stopping incomplete or faulty works being passed back to the client and avoiding associated problems.

If you would like any more information on how ISO 9001 can help you business or you would like a quote for us to help you build a fully UKAS accredited system, please get in contact and have a look at our ISO 9001 Support Page here